With their unique take on Electro and Breaks Monk3ylogic rapidly built up a loyal following which is now starting to be felt by club land. The duo, Will Bolam and Mike Connell, already boast a long list of European and UK gigs including the Arcadia Stage at Glastonbury 2011, and breached the Beatport Breaks top 10 with their debut breaks track "Into the burgh".

2011 saw the Hedflux Remix of their track "Bass Effex" reach number 5 on Beatport Breaks charts, which sets the stage for the release of Monk3ylogic's remix of the much anticipated Cortex by Bad Tango. This following releases/remixes with the likes of Liquid, Broken Robot, Aux, Kick it, Trick, Logariddim, Rune Recordings, Animal Trax and of course Broken Records.

Monk3ylogic on Souncloud




Broken Toy_Nesono_Promo_pic_Cube_400

Named after the Xhosa word for "sinful" , its all about the kind of asses you see on the streets of Cape Town. Skanky, hot, fat, nasty - all shapes, sizes and flavours thrown into the mix and distilled into an intoxicating blend of beats, bass and dirty rhythms. Everything from kwaito-step and dancehall dub to electro breaks is represented in a journey of unexpected ass-shaking that`ll tear the corrugated iron roof right off and rain filth and trash all over your head. You`ll feel better than a politician!
As always in South Africa, showering afterward is recommended but optional.


Perpetual Present

Emerging on the electro breaks scene in 2007, Perpetual Present infuses sounds from a multitude of styles, creating a unique musical cocktail for the dancefloor and beyond. With his healthy release record to date we are looking forward to working towards a Perpetually Broken Future at Present.

Perpetual Present on Soundcloud

 Perpetual Present on Facebook





Always life your life in full colour.
3d. HD. Blue ray. Real Life is better.
When your sad turn on the stereo.
Who knows one song could change the world.


  Colour, born under the name of Dave Lowther is an electro and techno producer based in Bristol, UK.

Fusing hints of psychedelia with swinging synths, booming bass and recycled loops, his versatile production has gained him fans, airplay and performances worldwide.
When he's not in the studio, Colour can be found stomping by the front left speaker* of a local free party.

With releases on a host of labels including Broken Records, Advise (France) and his own label Dachshund (which is also a Little Sausage Dog enthusiasts society)
his unique and often live producer sets are guaranteed to get the dance-floor pumping.

If your the sort of person who likes to stand at the back of a club, look moody and not wear face-paint then this probably isn't the music for you… For the rest of you who enjoy having fun i'll see you down the front left :)

*DISCLAIMER: Dancing by the front left speaker will not enhance your musical experience any more than dancing by the front right.

Colour on Soundcloud



james smaller

James Copeland 

Back in the 1930s, a young James Copeland set out to avoid the curse of prohibition and form a Swing & Big Band operation in Havana, Cuba. However, a bus carrying most of the band members on the way to their 1st recording session crashed on a mountain pass and they were all killed.

New technological advances in the studio meant that a sparse recording could be made, but even more amazing was that once the tapes were processed, mysterious bits and pieces of music and phrases began to appear. It was speculated that perhaps these sessions had brought more than just James Copelands' vision to life...

In later years he was to travel further afield exploring different musical cultures, always amazing the locals with how he seemed to capture the sound of a full band on his records whilst seemingly alone...

James Copeland on Soundcloud

James Copeland on Facebook


TG photo

Tongue and Groove

Tongue & Groove: Jake Ainley and Ric Featherstone met each other at many Flying Rhino and T.I.P parties over 15 years ago, realising they shared the same passion for music and sound production they began their journey creating music together. Collectively they have released tracks on labels such Flying Rhino, T.I.P records and Spiral Trax as Elfis and also Dragon and more recently working with Tristan, Dick Trevor and Lucas.

Now producing tracks as Tongue & Groove they are pushing the boundaries of Techno and Psychedelia creating a unique sound summed up best as "proper party music". Combining influences from the early Goa days and the sonic delights of todays musical style they are fast gaining a reputation for tearing up the dance floor and stamping their mark on the millennium.

With releases on Liquid records, Flow records and with Broken Records they have just remixed The Egg's new single and are currently working on remixes for Monk3yLogic and also Tristan/The Outsiders.

Tongue and Groove on Soundcloud

Tongue and Groove on Facebook




Dr Fish

 Bristol based Dr Fish is a DJ and Producer of Funk driven Tech Breakbeat.

A DJ of more than 10 years, Dr Fish has played shows from Ministry Of Sound in London to Snowboard competitions in the Alps. His technical mixing and scratching allows him to cross genres seamlessly, fusing everything from Funk, Soul and Hip Hop to Breaks, Electro, and everything in between. His infectious energy behind the decks, and sense of knowing what the crowd want have seen him earn a worthy reputation as a 'true party rocker'. In 2007 Dr Fish won the prestigious European 'DJoust' competition, from over 400 entrants.

The last year has seen Dr Fish also firmly establish himself on the production front, picking up support from many top artists and doing well on the Beatport Breakbeat charts.

2012 looks to be Dr Fish's biggest year yet with plenty more original tracks and remixes coming out in the new few months, as well as a few exiting collaborations in the pipeline.

Dr Fish on Soundcloud




 Drift Static (Formerly White Noise)

WhiteNoise is what happens when electro blows up, dubstep takes its place and you throw youth and an art school imagination on top. 21-year-old Emanuel Bender has been producing less than a year and has already developed his own highly original style that is one giant romp across pop culture, encompassing everything from swing and world music, to film samples, and mainstream pop and hip-hop, all unified through a blend of electro, dubstep and breaks gunned into hyperdrive. Through frantic pacing, Bender’s compositions speak to a digital generation where music travels faster than information.

Drift Static on Soundcloud



Mouldy Soul

Mouldy Soul is the warped electronic ramblings of 23 year old child Richard Carrigan.

A talented multi instrumentalist at a young age, he found his way to producing very organically, starting from humble beginnings at 16 with a hijacked 4-track cassette recorder and a pocket full of dreams. Never one to stagnate Mouldy Soul tinkered, toyed and partied until he was happy to unearth his intergalactic spectral space machine, known lovingly by himself as "Wobble funk".










mad march back2.jpg
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